Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life! Give my creature LIFE!!!!!

I think I'm going to revive this blog.  We'll see how well this works.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crochet Happy

I have been going crazy crocheting lately. I had known how to do a chain stitch and that was about it. So I decided to go on to youtube and learn how to crochet. Well, it turns out I made like 5 scarves and who knows how many hats. I think I'm going to start an etsy store. In that case, I need a name for the store/website. I have absolutely no idea what to name it. I plan on selling crocheted hats, scarves, gloves, etc. Also other things that I make/sew. Jewelry, other types of hats, skirts, blouses, and other things or whatever.

So what shall I name my store? Anybody? Does anybody actually read this thing?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween Re-revisited

I ended up going home for Halloween and because of that, I had no idea what I was going to be. I new what I was going to be, my friend Jake invited me to go galavanting with him. But I couldn't go without being costumed! Sure, I could have just gotten something from my endless stores of costumes, but I've worn everything already and I don't like repeating. Yes, I could have been a gypsy or pirate, they're easy to do, but also boring and ordinary. I would not let this conundrum ruin my Halloween! Then, like a bolt of lightning, I had it! I knew what I wanted to be for Halloween!

Rosie the Riveter!!

I simply wore my skinny jeans with my blue keds. I went to my local thrift store (DI) and bought a men's dark blue button up shirt. I then purchased red with white polka dot fabric for my head scarf, slapped on some red lipstick and went around doing the signature pose. It was super fun, quick, easy, and most importantly, cheap!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Revisited

Because of certain things that have transpired over the weekend, I will be returning my fabric so I can afford to go back home this weekend. I've got a million and one costumes at home. I can figure something out. I just really need to go home.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Halloweeeeen!!

So I'm actually going to start doing what I set this blog up for! I'm going to post a step by step of me sewing my Halloween costume. Sound thrilling, doesn't it? I know you guys are on the edge of your seats with anticipation for it. Well here comes something even better. Not only am I doing my costume but also will be posting how I did my friend's costume! Yay! Double the fun!

So I am being a Ringmaster Can Can Dancer a la Moulin Rouge. (The movie, not the actual moulin rouge.) It shall be awesome. I found an awesome striped blouse with a cool stand up collar at the DI (thrift store), and I am buying a black underbust corset that I will embelish with red. I unfortunately don't have the time to sew my own corset. Yes, I could cheat and not make it accurate, but I don't do things like that. Plus it's cheaper to buy one then make my own. The skirt is red and the underskirt has alternating ruffles of black, red, and white. I even made a mini top hat! If I have time I'm going to make a whip too. I'm excited.

My friend is being Jessica Rabbit. Her dress isn't going to look just like Jessica's because, let's be honest, that dress is slightly impossible. But it will be red and she will have purple gloves and she already has the red hair going for her.

And not only am I making costumes, I also said I would do a boat load of people's makeup. Whatever happened to not saying yes to everyone? Ah well, I learn after Halloween.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I have been thinking...

...Lorena Bobbitt was on to something.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Right, let me catch everyone up. I moved to St George, Utah and am going to Dixie State College. I work at Beehive Learning Academy which is soooo fun! And...I made the show choir, Raging Red!! I was so happy. And oh my goodness, when I auditioned, I was shaking from the performance high.

Other news: I auditioned for Baker's Wife and didn't make it. I'm not too terribly sad. I actually had a plan in my head that if I didn't make it I would do the Miss Dixie State College Pageant. Crazy, right?! Well, I'm doing it. My platform is childhood education. I was thinking this will help me actually do the fundraiser for the CAI that I've been planning on doing for forever. The more I prepare for it, the more I think that I am supposed to do it. Especially when my wonderful boss told me that BLA wants to sponsor me! For anyone who wants to come and support me, the pageant is on October 5 at Dixie State College. The exact location will be coming at a later date.

Last little bit: Since it is September 11th, I've decided to write a little something. Here it goes:

Do you remember where you were? Do you remember what you thought? Do you remember what you felt? For me, it comes back in odd memories. Of the last time I slept in my parents' bed from a nightmare. Of the thought that I would be like Molly from the American Girls series if we went to war. Of getting sick in class after watching the news. Of the grey sky as I went outside to escape from the disturbing images.

I also remember the next day talking about it in school. We then had to write in our journals about how we would feel if they started the draft again and our fathers, brothers, etc were called to war. Jeremy had made me mad that morning and I wrote how I wouldn't care if he was sent to war. Well, nearly 7 years later, he was. He joined the Army and was on tour in Afghanistan. The words I wrote came back to haunt me like my nightmare from the night before 9/11. Nobody has ever made me felt guilt before. Not once, until that day.